ADI Design Annual Vol.1

ADI graphic design almanac is an integral retrospection to the recent-year graphic design circle. The designer, as an independent artistic language part, receives more attention than any other time before. The cities and life are also more and more associated with design. Some of the conventional regulations are bumped and modified step by step. The dynamic new stuffs are as shiny as the mixture of light and shadow reflected from the sunlight. Nevertheless, classics are always classical and the first part of this book—“Achievement Award” starts from classics. Beside the show of the works, the book also reveals the stories and profound culture behind the works themselves by a conversation with the designer. A large part of the book is describing typeface design. Words may be the most direct cultural carrier, including oriental and western words, e.g. Italian, Iranian and Chinese characters are all deeply impressed with their nation’s features. The book is published in 2008, which would naturally refer to 2008 Olympic Games whose label would be the direct integration of the ancient Chinese characters into the diagrams, producing new resonance, so that we could have a better perspective over the essence of oriental culture and have a better understanding on western thoughts, knowing each other’s working fields and learning and exchanging with each other. In the part of “New Talent Award”, we could hear new voices and there are also new designing concept and new ways of expressing, e.g. the cross-media visual presentation. All the new concepts are introduced in the almanac. “New Star Award” aims at digging out students’ excellent works in the contest and encouraging them to practice and innovate more for design and finally finding the due position of their own works in the future.
Designing is rational and is aimed to solve problems. The book covers new trends of the graphic design circle, including book layout, booklets design, typeface design, and enterprise visual identity, packing, the design of post, magazine, newspaper, Ads and experiments, etc. and the
book encourages ongoing exploration of “oasis” and maximally widen the view to lay the foundation for dispersing into more other design fields in the future, e.g. environmental art, clothes and industrial mould, etc. which is also the purpose of publishing this ADI almanac.

ISBN 978-962-450-738-6/D.52122

Editor / Chen Zhengda
Editorial Committee / Han Xu / Zhou Feng
Book Design / Chen Zhengda
Icon Design / Wang Yalan
Assistant Designer / Wang Yalan
Proofreader / Shu Fei
Published and Distributed / Tin Ma Publishing Company Limited

主编 / 陈正达
编委 / 韩绪 / 周峰
装帧设计 / 陈正达
图标设计 / 王雅兰
设计助理 / 王雅兰
责任校对 / 舒斐
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