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A4 Gallery is dedicated to promoting various designs. We devote ourselves to make connections among public, art, design and culture through different approaches, such as exhibition, education, collection, and research..



“形而上设计联盟”自2012年开始转型升级,下属经营性企业、研究机构和展示空间,“杭州形而上广告设计有限公司(2007年成立)”、“杭州形而下建筑景观设计有限公司(2013年成立)”、“ADI-艺术设计国际(2008年成立)”、“A4 Gallery(2014年成立)”。形而上以产、学、研高度结合的优势,已成为一家富有时代特征和充满活力的创意设计联盟机构。




DESIGN DESIGN GROUP was founded in 2007. It’s a comprehensive design group that integrates brand design andconsulting, urban aesthetic planning and design, architectural landscape design, industrial product design, interactivemedia development and design, artistic design academic research and art galleries into one.

DESIGN DESIGN GROUP started transformation and upgrading in 2012. Its subordinate business institutions, research institutions, exhibition spaces include “Hangzhou Design Design Advertising Design Co., Ltd. (founded in 2007)” ,“Hangzhou Design Design Architectural Landscape Design Co., Ltd. (founded in 2013)” , “ADI-Art Design International (founded in 2008)” , and “A4 Gallery (founded in 2014)” . Depending on its advantage of high industry-university-research integration, DESIGN DESIGN GROUP has become a creative design group rich in characteristics of the times and full of vitality.

While actively creating market benefits and social benefits, DESIGN DESIGN GROUP also keeps thinking and exploring design, and pays attention to the construction and study of design methodology. Based on its years of design practice and research, it put forward “urban renewal practice and theoretical innovation” to carry forward urban aesthetics and manifest urban characteristics, “new rural renewal practice and innovation” to improve rural living and production conditions and improve farmers’ life quality, and “brand localization and local brand internationalization practice” to open a road of self-improvement for local brands.

After years of professional exploration and market practice, DESIGN DESIGN GROUP has helped many clients to realize successful brand building and benign development. It’ s regarded as the best strategic partner of Chinese urban brands and local commercial brands. Meanwhile, depending on continuously innovated design concepts and constant leading design level, DESIGN DESIGN GROUP enjoys a good r eputation in domestic and overseas professional fields. Many of its design works have won authoritative international professional awards and become classic designworks and teaching cases in the industry.